Winterborne Stickland is a village and civil parish in the county of Dorset in southern England. It lies within the North Dorset administrative district, about 4 miles (6.4 km) west of the town of Blandford Forum. In 2013 the civil parish had an estimated population of 520. In the 2011 census the parish, combined with the smaller neighbouring parishes of Winterborne Clenston to the south and Turnworth to the north, recorded a population of 653.

Winterborne Stickland is sited in a winterbourne valley in the Dorset Downs, which gives rise to the first part of its name. The second part "Stickland" is derived from sticol, Old English for "steep".

To the north of the village is a children's playground, cricket pitch and football pitch with clubhouse. To the north of that a small orchard of apple, pear and plum trees has been planted.

The old village grew up around the church, which was almost certainly built in the 13th Century. Many traces of the past remain:

There are several picturesque cob and thatch cottages in the centre of the village, including the 17th Century Inn, The Crown.

In the 2001 census the population of the village was 576, split almost equally between males and females, living in 243 dwellings. Stickland remains a living and working village rather than a commuter or retirement settlement. As Stickland is surrounded by hill farms, the main industry in the valley is still agriculture.


2001 census information

Age range in village Number of persons
0 - 4 36
5 - 15 82
16 - 24 31
25 - 44 134
45 - 64 151
64 - 74 69
75+ 73


Stickland enjoys a number of excellent facilities - the pub, garage, village hall, church, school (part of the federated Dunbury Primary School), sports club and British Legion.

A characteristic of Stickland is the high level of community spirit and social activity that is enjoyed within the village. Many evenings are taken up with meetings for local events such as the gardening club, craft guild, annual pantomime, pub quizzes, and more. Many of these activities include villagers from the neighbouring area, and much is made of the 'Valley' community which is served by the Valley News, a free monthly magazine.

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