The Winterborne River was designated a main river in April 2006 and as such is protected in law by the Land Drainage Act 1991 and subsequent related Acts and Byelaws. The water flow is generated through natural springs and from water pumped to the surface in Winterborne Houghton, consequently the flow is reduced in summer months due to low water table levels. Flooding of a few properties in 2014 was the product of severe and prolonged weather conditions affecting the local area and Winterborne River catchment. This was described by the Environment Agency as a 1 in 200 year event. Never-the-less we need to be prepared for similar events should they occur.

The primary responsibility for a Dorset Flood Management Strategy lies with Dorset County Council acting as the Lead Local Flood Authority. However, this responsibility is shared with District and Borough Councils, Parish Councils, the Environment Agency, Wessex Water, Highways, riparian owners, property owners and local residents.

Winterborne Stickland Parish Council has appointed a group of volunteers, the Stickland River Management Group (SRMG), whose function is to manage the river throughout the year in accordance with Environment Agency guidance, by maintaining a continuous and unimpeded flow of water throughout the village. The group is supported by additional volunteers who help carry out this work.

Wherever possible the SRMG will also do their best to help residents affected by flood events and to action emergency measures when the Winterborne Stickland area is subject to flood warnings and flooding. In emergency situations there are also many members of the village community who will willingly offer help if requested in support of residents who might be directly affected by flooding.

    Download The 2017 Flood & River Management Plan

Stickland River Management Group

Name Responsibility
David Godden River Manager
Richard Marchant River Manager
Michael Trevett River Manager
Will Bown River Manager
David Godden River Warden
Keith Cowan River Warden
Nick House River Warden
Philip Poulton River Warden
Kevin Drew River Warden