All Parish Council meetings are held in the Pamela Hambro Hall and start at 7.30pm with the exception of May which will start at 7:00pm. Our May meeting is made up of 3 meetings; the Annual General Meeting, the Annual Parish Meeting and a Parish Council Meeting.


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Annual General Meeting - May 18th 2015

Date Agenda Minutes
January 19th 2015    Agenda 19.01.2015.pdf    Minutes 19.01.2015.pdf
February 23rd 2015    Agenda 23.02.2015.pdf    Minutes 23.02.2015.pdf
March 23rd 2015    Agenda 23.03.2015.pdf    Minutes 23.03.2015.pdf
April 20th 2015    Agenda 20.04.2015.pdf    Minutes 20.04.2015.pdf
May 18th 2015    Agenda 18.05.2015.pdf    Minutes 18.05.2015.pdf
June 29th 2015    Agenda 29.06.2015.pdf    Minutes 29.06.2015.pdf
July 27th 2015    Agenda 27.07.2015.pdf    Minutes 27.07.2015.pdf
August 24th 2015    Agenda 24.08.2015.pdf    Minutes 24.08.2015.pdf
September 28th 2015    Agenda 28.09.2015.pdf    Minutes 28.09.2015.pdf
October 26th 2015    Agenda 26.10.2015.pdf    Minutes 26.10.2015.pdf
November 30th 2015    Agenda 30.11.2015.pdf    Minutes 30.11.2015.pdf