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Groundwater Warning

7th January 2016

Have you been affected by groundwater flooding?

The Environment Agency have developed a number of new flood warning areas for communities at risk from groundwater flooding. These complement their existing flood alert areas. They are working with communities to promote these warning areas and recruit people to sign up for their Flood Warnings Direct Service.

How can I sign up to receive these flood warnings?

To find out if you are at risk and to register to receive these Flood Alerts and Flood Warnings for groundwater, call Floodline on 0345 988 118 (24 hour service) or visit the Environment Agency Website. For more information about the flood warning areas contact the Wessex Flood Resilience team at [email protected] or use the online Flood Warning Information Service.

How the Environment Agency have produced the flood warning areas

For several years the Environment Agency have been able to issue groundwater flood alerts across the area. The three alert areas are the West of Dorset, Cranborne Chase and Salisbury Plain. The flood alert is an early warning about the potential for flooding to occur. Following the groundwater flooding in 2013 / 2014, we have analysed our records and have produced 22 community based flood warning areas. These cover smaller areas than the flood alerts. A flood warning is used to warn people that flooding of properties is expected.

How can I make preparations to cope with groundwater flooding?

  • Think and prepare now for what you'll do if flooding occurs where you live, don't wait until flooding happens. The primary responsibility for protecting a property from flooding lies with the householder.
  • Consider installing flood protection products such as a pump or improving surface water drainage around your property.
  • If you have a pump ensure it is serviced and working effectively.
  • Have a personal flood plan which list key information, contacts and actions to help you cope with flooding.
  • Move valuables from basements and cellars.
  • Keep drains and gullies around your property free of debris.
  • Visit the Environment Agency Website for local water levels and flooding information
  • If you own part of the river bank you should keep the banks and bed of the river clear of debris.